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Project Status: complete

Report Published April 1989:

Title: Evaluation and improvement of methods for the sampling and analysis of selected toxic air contaminants

Principal Investigator / Author(s): Holdren, Michael W.

Contractor: Battelle

Contract Number: L341

Research Program Area: Emissions Monitoring & Control

Topic Areas: Stationary Sources, Toxic Air Contaminants


One of the major objectives of this program was to evaluate the sampling procedures and equipment used by ARB for monitoring toxic air contaminants (TACs) throughout the state. Currently, TAC sampling is performed by collecting 24-hour air samples in Tedlar bags at approximately 20 sampling locations around the state. The bag samples are then transported to the laboratory by common carrier and analyzed for approximately ten TACs.

ARB has experienced some problems with contamination of samples in Tedlar bags during transportation and storage. However, the extent of the problem has never been fully documented. Furthermore, before implementing an alternative sampling methodology it must be demonstrated that the alternative method will perform satisfactorily.

Battelle's evaluation of existing and alternative sampling methodologies involved three types of studies: Laboratory studies and a field study conducted by Battelle, and two earlier field studies performed by ARB. Some of these studies were performed only with Tedlar bags, and others were performed with both Tedlar bags and stainless steel canisters. Each study had specific objectives. However, the common goal was to evaluate the performance of existing and alternative sampling methodologies under simulated or actual transportation and storage conditions.


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