Tentative Agenda

Workgroup Meeting to Discuss "Weekend Effect" Research

November 16, 1999
9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Air Resources Board
Board Hearing Room
2020 L Street, Lower Level
Sacramento, California

I.    Welcome and Introductions                                       9:00

II.   Clarification of Four ARB Hypotheses (15 min.)                  9:15
       Larry Larsen, Leon Dolislager

III.  NREL Research Plans (1 hr 15 min)                               9:30

       Overview -- Doug Lawson
       Hypotheses and field studies - Eric Fujita, DRI
       and Lyle Chinkin, STI

 IV.  CRC Research Plans (1 hr 20 min)
      E-55: Contributions of diesel emissions to NOx and PM2.5       10:45
                    inventories - Bob Gorse/Brent Bailey
      A-36A-1: Proximate modeling of WD/WE ozone -                   11:00
                    Greg Yarwood, Environ
      A-36A-2: Data analysis complementing proximate modeling        11:25
                 of WD/WE ozone differences in southern
                 California - Charles Blanchard, Envair
      Short Break                                                    11:45

      A-36B:   Data analysis for a better understanding of WD/WE     12:00
                 ozone and PM differences -
                 Betty Pun/Christian Seigneur, AER

V.    ARB Data Analysis Update (10 min. each)                        12:20

      Particulate matter mass - Nehzat Motallebi, Hien Tran
      LDV and HDT traffic counts - Larry Larsen

VI.   ARB Modeling Update (10 min.)                                  12:40

       John DaMassa

VII.  Next Meeting Date                                              12:50

VIII. Adjourn                                                         1:00