Draft ARB Report on Ozone Weekend Effect in California


This page updated on April 14, 2000.

        Glossary of Terms
        Table of Contents (msw97-29k) or (pdf - 16k)

        Executive Summary

  1. Introduction and Background(msw97-526k) or (pdf - 453k)

  3. Objectives of Report (msw97-29k) or (pdf - 4k)

  5. Hypotheses of Causes of Ozone Weekend Effect (msw97-335k) or (pdf - 121k)



    Recent ARB Research Efforts (Chapters 4 - 8):

  7. Characterization of the Ozone Weekend Effect in California

  8. 4.1 The Weekday-Weekend Behavior of Ambient Ozone Concentrations in California (msw97-694k) or (pdf - 300k)
    4.2 The Weekend Ozone Effect during Ozone-Conducive Days in the South
          Coast Air Basin (msw97-360k) or (pdf - 216k)
    4.3 Trends in Ambient Ozone Concentrations in the South Coast Air Basin (msw97-2448k) or (pdf - 199k)
  9. Analysis of Variations in Ozone and Ozone Precursors

  10. 5.1 Diurnal Patterns of Ozone & Precursors in SoCAB (msw97-73k) or (pdf - 38k) and (msw97-421k) or (pdf - 440k)
    5.2 Ozone Precursor Trends (msw97-51k) or (pdf - 22k) and (msw97-1181k) or (pdf - 376k)
    5.3 Analysis of VOC to NOx Ratios in the South Coast Air Basin (msw97-188k) or (pdf - 144k)
    5.4 WD/WE Differences in Hydrocarbon Reactivity (msw97-96k) or (pdf - 9k)
  11. Analysis of Variations in Particulate Matter

  12. 6.1 Day-of-Week Patterns of Particulate Matter and its Species at
         Selected Sites (msw97-61k) or (pdf - 37k) and (pdf - 323k)
  13. Analysis of Variations in Vehicular Activity Patterns

  14. 7.1 Day-of-Week Patterns of Heavy-Duty and Non-Heavy-Duty Vehicle
         Activity at Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) Stations Relevant to the South Coast
         Air Basin During the Summer of 1997 (pdf - 87k)
    7.2 Analysis of Hourly Traffic Data from the South Coast Air Basin (pdf - 299k)
    7.3 Comparison of Hourly Traffic Data with Hourly Ambient Air Quality Data (pdf - 816k)
  15. Analysis of Other Ancillary Data

  16. 8.1 Ozone Carryover and Day-of-Week Phenomena (msw97-95k) or (pdf - 29k) and (pdf - 140k)
    8.2 Day-of-Week Patterns for High-Risk Toxic Air Contaminants, 1989 (msw97-150k) or (pdf - 113k)
          through 1998
  17. Overview of Current Non-ARB Research Efforts (msw97-26k) or (pdf - 3k)

  18. 9.1 Weekend/Weekday Ozone Observations in the South Coast Air Basin
    9.2 Data Analysis for a Better Understanding of the Weekday/Weekend O3
         and PM Differences (AER)
    9.3 Proximate Modeling of Weekday versus Weekend Ozone (ENVIRON )
    9.4 Data Analysis Complementing Proximate Modeling of Weekday/Weekend Ozone
         Differences  in Southern California (ENVAIR)
  19. Overview of Findings & Conclusions (msw97-26k) or (pdf - 3k)

  21. Recommendations (msw97-26k) or (pdf - 2k)
          References (msw97-37k) or (pdf - 10k)

                    Compendium of previous analyses (msw97-45k) or (pdf - 42k)
                    Figures not included with technical chapters
                    Tables not included with technical chapters