Workgroup Meeting to Discuss "Weekend Effect" Research

September 22, 1999
9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Air Resources Board
4th Floor Conference Room
2020 L Street
Sacramento, California

This meeting is a follow-up to our June 23 workshop on the "weekend effect", the observation that ozone is often higher on weekends than on weekdays in some air basins. The California Air Resources Board, the South Coast Air Quality Management District, the Coordinating Research Council, and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory all are conducting research either in-house or through contracts to further understand the phenomenon. The purpose of this workgroup meeting is to continue our efforts to coordinate the timing and funding of our research.

Those who plan to fund or conduct research in this area are encouraged to attend this working meeting or to contact Marlena Elliott at (916) 445-0753 to obtain a dial-in number to join us by phone.