Rules Log Database (RLDB)

This page last reviewed June 26, 2018

The Rules Log Database (RLDB) chronicles the history of rules controlling sources of air pollution, as developed and adopted by California's 35 air pollution control and air quality management districts. The RLDB lists the dates the district board first adopted and subsequently amended or rescinded a rule, and the date the California Air Resources Board (CARB) received the rule. The RLDB also lists the date the rule was submitted, on request of the district, to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) for inclusion in to the State Implementation Plan (SIP). Finally, the RLDB gives the dates and types of U.S. EPA rulemaking actions on the rule.

Currently, the RLDB contains records for rules that are intended by the districts to be revisions to the SIP and which were adopted or amended during the period January 1, 1981, to the present.

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Little Blue Book

For information regarding U.S. EPA guidance on rule development for rules intended to be part of the SIP, visit: Little Blue Book

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