Disposal of Non-Industrial Wood Waste by Burning

This page last reviewed March 27, 2015


California Health and Safety Code Section 41804.5 provides a means for cities and counties to use open outdoor fires to dispose of non-industrial wood waste at designated disposal sites on permissive burn days. Designated disposal sites must be located above 1,500 feet elevation mean sea level or at any elevation within the North Coast Air Basin and the ambient air quality standards must be maintained. If your District board elects to authorize such burning, permits must be obtained from your District and the local fire protection agency having jurisdiction as well as from the Air Resources Board (ARB). Specific information on what is needed to obtain an approval from the ARB for a burn is available.

California Health and Safety Code Section 41803 provides that no authorization under California Health and Safety Code Section 41804.5 will be granted after the Air Resources Board (ARB) determines that an alternative method of disposal has been developed which is technologically and economically feasible. This determination has not yet been made.

The list of approved burn sites is updated to reflect all current approvals.

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