Other Documents - Scientific Review Panel (SRP)
on Toxic Air Contaminants

This page last reviewed September 16, 2008

The Scientific Review Panel (SRP) is charged with evaluating the risk assessments of substances proposed for identification as toxic air contaminants by the Air Resources Board (ARB) and the Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR). In carrying out this responsibility, the SRP receives materials submitted by invited scientists. Those materials made available to the ARB in electronic format are now being made available on this website and are identified below for download.

At its March 11, 1998 meeting, the Scientific Review Panel invited scientists regarding the discussion on diesel exhaust as a toxic air contaminant. Several of the invited scientists used written materials and/or visual aids. These are found below:

  • "Criteria for Causal Inference: Chance, Bias, Consistency, Strength, Dose-Response, Temporality, Plausibility" Allan H. Smith, Ph.D. (PDF - 41K)

  • "Occupational Exposure to Diesel Exhaust" S. Katherine Hammond, Ph.D. (PDF - 106K)

  • "A Probability-Tree Interpretation of the California EPA's Analysis of the Cancer Risk from Diesel Particulates" Dale Hattis, Ph.D.  (PDF - 100K)  plus, "Goals of Today's Talk"  (PDF - 963K)

  • "Regression Smoothing Plots of Lung Cancer Logits with Pack-Years" Stan Dawson, Ph.D. (PDF - 54K)

  • "Health Risk Assessment for Diesel Exhaust: Comments and Critique" Eric Garshick, Ph.D. (PDF - 1,319K)

  • "Diesel Exhaust Impacts and Risk Estimates: Perspectives from Toxicology" Joe Mauderly, Ph.D. (PDF - 1,123K)

  • "Comments on the OEHHA 2/98 Draft Health Risk Assessment for Diesel Exhaust" Duncan Thomas, Ph.D. (PDF - 622K)

  • "Diesel- and Gasoline-Vehicle Chemical Emission Profiles for Use in the Apportionment of Atmospheric Carbonaceous Aerosol" Barbara Zielinska, Ph.D. (PDF - 1,871K)

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