Interim Technology Clearinghouse (Version 1.0)

This page last reviewed September 27, 2018

The Interim Technology Clearinghouse contains emission limits and control technologies for stationary sources. This includes Best Available Control Technology (BACT) guidelines and determinations and air district rules, including Best Available Retrofit Control Technology (BARCT) rules. This information will be continually updated as CARB staff works with districts to improve the consistency and comparability of the data.

BACT Determinations (Version 1.0)

BACT Guidelines (Version 1.0)

Air District Rules (Version 1.1)

BACT Determinations: Facility-specific BACT and T-BACT decisions, as determined by air districts on a case-by-case basis for new or modified sources.

BACT Guidelines: General outline of BACT and T-BACT requirements, based on previous determinations by air districts, for commonly permitted new or modified sources.

Air District Rules: Current list of air district rules, including BARCT and T-BARCT emissions limits.

Contact Information

District Contacts : California Local Air Districts Directory
CARB Contacts: Cassie Lopina or at (916) 324-0983