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Gasoline Vapor Recovery Systems
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This page updated March 29, 2005

Existing Procedures

Stationary Source Test Methods, Volume 2, Certification and Test Procedures for Gasoline Vapor Recovery Systems, can be downloaded in two formats MS Word and Adobe Acrobat.  The links in the table below provide access to individual sections of Volume 2 in uncompressed MS Word or Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) format. The hypertext links in the table indicate the size of each file.

The October 8, 2003 version of Volume 2 was superseded by the July 22, 2004 version, which became effective August 12, 2004. The difference between the 2003 and 2004 version is the unihose dispenser revision in section 4.11 of CP-201.  You can access archived versions of old Volume 2 Test Methods by clicking here.

For questions or comments related to these documents, or to request a bound hard copy volume, please contact Kevin Mongar of the Engineering and Certification Branch at (916) 322-2502 or via e-mail at

Test Method
Test Method Title MS Word PDF
Date of Adoption or Amendment
D-200 Definitions for Vapor Recovery 128K 305K October 8, 2003
CP-201 Certification Procedure for Vapor Recovery Systems at Dispensing Facilities
* See EO G-70-203 and G-70-205 for Revisions to EVR Phase II Operative Dates



July 22, 2004
TP-201.1 Volumetric Efficiency for Phase I Systems 1,023K 161K October 8, 2003
TP-201.1A Emission Factor for Phase I Systems at Dispensing Facilities 1,014K 154K February 1, 2001
TP-201.1B Static Torque of Rotatable Phase I Adaptors 121K 128K October 8, 2003
TP-201.1C Leak Rate of Drop Tube/Drain Valve Assembly 200K 197K October 8, 2003
TP-201.1D Leak Rate of Drop Tube Overfill Protection Devices and Spill Container Drain Valves 278K 221K October 8, 2003
TP-201.1E Leak Rate and Cracking Pressure of Pressure/Vacuum Vent Valves 169K 128K October 8, 2003
TP-201.2 Efficiency and Emission Factor for Phase II Systems 141K 150K October 8, 2003
TP-201.2 Figures 3,465K 885K October 8, 2003
TP-201.2A Determination of Vehicle Matrix for Phase II Systems 62K 23K February 1, 2001
TP-201.2B Flow and Pressure Measurement of Vapor Recovery Equipment 1,046K 570K October 8, 2003
TP-201.2C Spillage from Phase II Systems 197K 110K February 1, 2001
TP-201.2D Post-Fueling Drips from Nozzles 314K 156K October 8, 2003
TP-201.2E Gasoline Liquid Retention in Nozzles and Hoses 120K 43K February 1, 2001
TP-201.2F Pressure-Related Fugitive Emissions 98K 129K October 8, 2003
TP-201.2G Bend Radius Determination for Underground Storage Tank Vapor Return Piping 1,440K 139K October 8, 2003
TP-201.2H Determination of Hazardous Air Pollutants from Vapor Recovery Processors 256K 73K February 1, 2001
TP-201.2I Test Procedure for In-Station Diagnostic Systems 116K 136K October 8, 2003
TP-201.2J Pressure Drop Bench Testing of Vapor Recovery Components 498K 201K October 8, 2003
TP-201.3 Determination of 2 Inch WC Static Pressure Performance of Vapor Recovery Systems of Dispensing Facilities 322K 62K March 17, 1999
TP-201.3A Determination of 5 Inch WC Static Pressure Performance of Vapor Recovery Systems of Dispensing Facilities 80K 107K April 12, 1996
TP-201.3B Determination of Static Pressure of Vapor Recovery Systems of Dispensing Facilities with Above-Ground Storage Tanks 93K 118K April 12, 1996
TP-201.3C Determination of Piping Connections to Underground Gasoline Storage Tanks (Tie-Tank Test) 54K   87K March 17, 1999
TP-201.4 Dynamic Back Pressure 1,182K 107K July 3, 2002
TP-201.5 Air to Liquid Volume 1,453K 123K February 1, 2001
TP-201.6 Determination of Liquid Removal of Vapor Recovery Systems of Dispensing Facilities 54K 27K April 28, 2000
TP-201.6C Compliance Determination of Liquid Removal Rate 180K 50K July 3, 2002
TP-201.7 Continuous Pressure Monitoring