Environmental Tobacco Smoke: Publications

This page last reviewed August 11, 2015

This page provides a list of ARB documents related to ETS. There are also links to research reports and other publications by other government agencies or health organizations:

ARB Reports
Federal Government Reports

U.S. Surgeon General's Report on Secondhand Smoke (2006)

Indoor Air Quality - Research/Studies:

Assessing Exposure to Air Toxics from Environmental Tobacco Smoke. 94-344, June 1998 - Description of Study

Disclaimer - Ch5 pt 3.3 (PDF - 7,575 KB)
Ch 6 - Appendices (PDF - 7,575 KB)

Toxic Volatile Organic Compounds in Environmental Tobacco Smoke: Emission Factors for Modeling Exposure of California Populations. A133-186, October 1994 - Description of Study

Entire Report (PDF - 7,575 KB)

PTEAM: Particle Total Exposure Assessment Methodology Study. A933-144, December 1992 - Description of Study

Section 1 - Section 7 (PDF - 3,514 KB)
Section 8 - Appendix C (PDF - 2,476 KB)
Appendix D - Appendix K (PDF - 1,157 KB)

Indoor Pollutant Concentrations and Exposures. A833-156, January 1991 - Description of Study

Entire Report (PDF - 8,243 KB)

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