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This page last reviewed August 29, 2014

HARP Software Downloads




HARP is avaliable free for download. Please note the HARP program has not been tested on Windows Vista. Please report any issues to HARP or contact the Stationary Source Division, Emission Assessment Branch at (916) 322-1617.

HARP Documentation


HARP On-Ramp
Version 1

(ZIP - 1.7 MB)

This file was recompiled on 02/03/09

The HARP On-Ramp was developed as an interim tool to allow people to use AERMOD with HARP.  If you have air dispersion data from another program (e.g., AERMOD View, BEEST, or BREEZE), you can import this data directly into the HARP Risk Module using this program.  The HARP On-Ramp accepts files from AERMOD, ISC, and CALPUFF.

In order to use the HARP On-Ramp, you must have  Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 or later installed on you computer.

Please note that a new health database is available for the HARP On-Ramp.  View information on how to download and install the new database.

Please note that user instructions are embedded in the HARP On-Ramp program.

Please note the HARP On-Ramp program has not been tested on Windows Vista. Please report any issues to HARP.



HARP Emission Inventory Module v2.0

The Emission Inventory Module can create and manage facility emission inventory databases. This data can be transmitted to the local air districts and the ARB. The Emission Inventory Module can also calculate facility prioritization scores.

Note: ARB is currently updating the HARP software. This version is the first of three modules that will eventually replace the existing HARP version 1 series. ARB anticipates on having the Air Dispersion and Risk Assessment Modules available when the OEHHA “Hot Spots” Guidance Manual is adopted. The new version of HARP will include AERMOD and the updates to the OEHHA “Hot Spots” Risk Assessment Guidelines. HARP version 1 series will continue to be available until all the HARP2 modules are available.

Note: You must uninstall any test versions before installing the program. Do not attempt to use data created using the test versions released prior to February 28, 2014.


Please email questions to HARP.