HARP How-To Guides

This page last reviewed July 29, 2008

HARP How-To Guides

The HARP How-To Guides are supplemental instruction aids to the user guide. They provide step-by-step procedures to carry out some of the basic functions of HARP. The guides were written in a manner that assumes the reader has a basic understanding of HARP. For detailed information about HARP, please see the user guide. Click on a topic below to download.

Available Topics (To download all topics, click here.)

Topic 1: How to Start a Project (PDF - 128 KB)

Topic 2: How to Add Data to the Facility and Emission Inventory Database (PDF - 249 KB)

Topic 3: How to Create/Edit/Export/Import Sensitive Receptors
(PDF - 123 KB)

Topic 4: How to Perform a Prioritization Analysis (PDF - 387 KB)

Topic 5: How to Run an Air Dispersion Analysis Analysis (PDF - 497 KB)

Topic 6: How to Perform a Point Estimate Risk Analysis (PDF - 485 KB)

Topic 7: How to Perform a Stochastic Evaluation (PDF - 291 KB)

Topic 8: How to Perform Health Analyses Using a Ground Level Concentration (PDF - 479 KB)