HARP User Guide

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HARP User Guide

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Acknowledgements and Table of Contents

Chapters (To download all chapters, click here.)

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Installing HARP

Chapter 3: Getting Familiar with HARP

Chapter 4: Tutorial

Chapter 5: Database Management

Chapter 6: Emission Inventory Reports

Chapter 7: Transactions

Chapter 8: Prioritization

Chapter 9: Dispersion Analysis / Background Information

Chapter 10: Risk Analysis

Chapter 11: Census and Elevation Data Sources


Appendices (To download all appendices, click here.)

Appendix A: HARP How-To Guides

Appendix B: File Types Used and Created by HARP

Appendix C: CEIDARS 2.5 Data Dictionary Tables

Appendix D: CEIDARS 2.5 Transaction Format Documents

Appendix E: Chemical Group Definitions for Facility Summary Report

Appendix F: ISC Input Parameter Description

Appendix G: List of Risk Assessment Reports Created by the "Full Standard Report Set" button on Risk Reports Window

Appendix H: Recommendations for Estimating Concentrations of Longer Averaging Periods from the Maximum One-Hour Concentration for Screening

Appendix I: OEHHA/ARB Approved Health Values for Use in Hot Spots Facility Risk Assessments

Appendix K: Risk Assessment Procedures to Evaluate Particulate Emissions from Diesel-Fueled Engines

Appendix L: Overview of the Lead Risk Assessment Procedures

Appendix M: Basic Instructions for Exporting HARP Risk Results and Importing Them Into GIS (Using ArcView-ArcMap and Spatial Analyst)