HARP Point Source Sample Problem

  This page last reviewed August 5, 2011

The goal of this sample problem is to test your ability to complete a health risk assessment for a simple facility. This sample problem is designed to take you from the beginning (data entry) to the end (risk results) of a facility health risk assessment project and to show you some of the capabilities of HARP.  Included in the zipped file are all the files that are needed to run the sample problem.  We have included all the files that will allow you to access HARP at any point in the risk assessment process (e.g., emissions inventory, air dispersion modeling, and risk evaluation).  We have also included printouts of the risk reports from the risk module for all risk assessment questions that require a calculation.  

Please note that this sample problem uses fictitious data and is not an example for submitting an emission inventory under the Air Toxics "Hot Spots" Program.

Sample Problem Prerequisites

In order to access the sample problem, you must download and extract the zip file. To begin the sample problem, open the file called GadgetsSampleProblem08052011.pdf. The answers are provided in the PDF file. The sample problem also comes with HARP input and output files. You may use these files to start at different sections in the sample problem.

(686 KB).

Files included in the zip file are:
  • The .tra file allows you to import the facility and emission data.
  • The .REC file is used for importing receptor data.
  • The .ISC file is used in the air dispersion model.
  • The .SRC file is generated by the air dispersion (ISC) and used by risk module.
  • The .XOQ file contains the average and maximum XOQ values for each source receptor combination generated by ISC.  This file is automatically loaded when the .SRC is opened.  
  • The .SIT file contains the site parameters used in the risk module.
  • The .PDF file is the Gadgets sample problem and answers.
  • The .TXT files are 16 HARP risk reports.