Fenner Fluid Power Description

This page last reviewed October 22, 2008

Product Description - Fenner Fluid Power
The Fenner Fluid Power enhanced vapor recovery system is a feedback system which consists of a vapor flow sensor tube, pressure transducers with a converter to 0-5 volts DC and a control box. Fuel flow pulses from the dispenser are compared with the signal from the vapor flow converter in the control box. This output signal is sent to a solenoid control valve which adjusts the vapor flow to exactly match the fuel flow being dispensed. The system correction in real time is 240 Hz. The system compensates for different nozzles on an MPD and for long term variations in component parts and ambient temperatures. The system can then give an indication (Red or Green light) to say that the dispenser is recovering vapor within the legislation, or a data display of the percentage of the vapor to fuel ratio being recovered. This can then be used as early warning indicator for servicing.