Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) Approval Letters

This page updated December 08, 2014

This page contains links to all of the certification approval letters in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. If you have any questions regarding the information on this page, please contact Sam Vogt at svogt@arb.ca.gov.

Number PDF
Description Date E.O.
13-0292KJensen Precast Armor Vault Tank Model Number Correction5/13/13VR-301, VR-302
13-01152KCSI Hoover Vault Tank Model Number Correction2/25/13VR-301, VR-302
11-02 138K CSI Hoover Vault Tank Model Number Correction  11/17/11 VR-301, VR-302
11-01 89K CSI Hoover Vault Tank Model Number Correction  09/29/11 VR-301, VR-302
AGT 10-04 270K Approval to Install OPW 62M Monitor Probe Cap and Adapter Kit with OPW Phase I AST System 10/13/2010 -
AGT 01-01


Approval of OPW's 61fSTOP Overfill Prevention Valve 5/1/01 -
AGT 99-04 61K Certification of Guillotine Flow Restrictor Valve 9/30/99 -
AGT 99-03


Approval of the Greenleaf Gauge, Inc. Model 5000 Solar Fuel Gauge 6/24/99

AGT 99-02 36K

Clarification, as it applies to certified tank assemblies, of Executive Order G-70-137 4/15/99 -
AGT 99-01 60K

E.F. Gauge Company Approval of Model 5000 Solar Fuel Gauge 3/18/99 -
AGT 98-1 63K

Approval of EBW Overfill Limiter Valves 1/14/98 -
AGT 95-1 54K

Approval of the Clay and Bailey Manufacturing Company #1228 F-30 Fuel Shut Off Valve 10/3/95 -
AGT 94-1 40K Certification of the Pomeco Model #211-AST Spillbox and Drain Assembly 9/26/94 -

Vapor Recovery Approval Letters