1998-11-10 EVR Workshop Agenda

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Enhanced Vapor Recovery Workshop
November 10, 1998

Opening Remarks 
 EVR Schedule 
--- William Loscutoff, Chief, Monitoring and Laboratory Division
2. Proposed Improvements to Certification Program
  --- Diane Johnston,  CARB Legal 
A. Regulation Effective Dates and Start of 4 Year Clock 
B. Certification and Equipment Replacement During 4 Year Clock 
C. Certification Ownership and Liability 
D. Title 17 Defect List Delegation
  --- Laura McKinney, Compliance Division 
E.  Certification Warranties
  --- Cindy Castronovo, Monitoring and Laboratory Division 
F.  Test Method Update
  --- Joe Guerrero, Compliance Division 
G.  A/L Adaptor - Draft Executive Order
--- Don Gilson, WSPA 
A.  Data Collection on Phase II Repairs---
ORVR Compatibility 
--- John Marconi, Compliance Division 
A.  ORVR retest - second station results
  --- Ranjit Bhullar, Compliance Division 
B.  Mechanical Seal Test Results
  --- Cindy Castronovo, Monitoring and Laboratory Division 
C.  Modifications to Emission Estimates and Penetration Curves