1999-07-08 EVR Workshop Agenda

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Enhanced Vapor Recovery Workshop
July 8, 1999

1.  Opening Remarks 
June Board Meeting Follow-up
December 1999 - Enhanced Vapor Recovery 
a. Proposed Changes to Certification of Phase II Systems 
b. ORVR Compatibility 
c. In-Station Diagnostics 
3.  EVR Implementation - Timing Options 
EVR Schedule 
a. Tentative Future Workshop: August 31,  October 22
In-Station Diagnostic Presentations (Acrobat 51K)
a.  Continuous A/L Monitoring System (Fenner Pump) (Acrobat 1100K)
b.  ORVR Sensor and P/V Sensor (Adsistor) (Acrobat 303K)
c.  Electronic Vapor Recovery Monitoring System (Blackmer) (Acrobat 628K)
d.  Site Management of Sensor Data (RED Jacket) (Acrobat 1620K)
e.  Negative Pressure Management/Data Storage (Hasstech) (Acrobat 107K)
f.   A/L Vapor Flow Indicator (Healy)  (Acrobat 270K)