Vapor Recovery - Bulk Terminals

This page last reviewed January 12, 2012

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Posted December 12, 2011

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The Air Resources Board (ARB) is required California Health and Safety Code section 41954 to certify systems designed to control gasoline vapor emissions during gasoline marketing operations.

The definition of a bulk terminal is; "a primary distribution facility for the loading of cargo tanks that deliver gasoline to bulk plants, service stations and other distribution points; and
where delivery to the facility storage tanks is by other than by cargo tank."

To provide further clarification, a bulk terminal receives fuel by pipeline, railcar or marine barge and may have either fixed or floating roof aboveground storage tanks. 

The ARB is currently revising the executive order for bulk terminals.

For further information or questions please contact Basharat Iqbal by email or by phone at (916) 322-7582. Additionally, you may contact Merrin Wright by email or by phone at (916) 324-6191.

The ARB has contacted local air pollution control districts or air quality management districts to gather information about active bulk terminals. This information will be used to update the executive order.