2001-06-20 TP201.6C Workshop Presentation

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Enhanced Vapor Recovery Presentation
July 13, 2000


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Table of Contents


CARB Vapor Recovery Program Organization


CA Phase I and Phase II Vapor Recovery = USEPA Stage 1 and Stage 2

CA Air Pollution Control Districts

CAPCOA Committees

Vapor Recovery Historical Highlights

Historical Highlights (continued)

Historical Highlights (continued)

Historical Highlights (continued)

Volume 2: Certification and Test Procedures for Gasoline Vapor Recovery Systems

Units for Primary Performance Standards

ARB and District Roles in California’s Vapor Recovery Program

CARB Certification Process for Phase 1 and Phase II Systems

Executive Orders and Approval Letters

California Exceeds Ozone Standards

New Ozone Non-Attainment Areas Identified

SIP Lawsuit Agreement

CAPCOA/ARB Field Inspections

EVR Improves Existing Systems and Goes Beyond Today’s Standards

EVR Goals and Strategy

Activities Addressing Currently Installed Systems in CA

Summary of the EVR Amendments

Phase I Vapor Recovery

Module 1 Phase I Vapor Recovery

Module 2 Phase II Vapor Recovery

Phase II Balance and Assist Nozzles

PPT Slide

Pressure Data from Balance Station (as found)

Pressure Data from Balance Station (tight system)

Underground Storage Tank Pressure Monitoring

Efficiency vs. Emission Limit

New Component Standards

Air Pollutant Emissions from Processors

Module 3: ORVR Compatibility

How ORVR Works

ORVR/Phase II Compatibility

ORVR Phase-in

ORVR Penetration Projection for CA

Module 3 - ORVR Compatibility

Module 4 - Liquid Retention and Nozzle Spitting

Module 5 Spillage & Dripless Nozzle

Module 6 - In-Station Diagnostics

Module 6 - In-Station Diagnostics

In-Station Diagnostics

Certification Changes

Component Certification

Warranty Changes

Limited Term Certification

New and Revised Test Procedures

State Law Requirements

Technology Review

EVR Key Issues

Decertification of All Systems

Recertification of all systems

In-Station Diagnostics

Effect of Proposal Changes on Small Business

Transfer of Certification

EVR Resolution Commitments

More Resolution Commitments

Future Activities

Rulemaking Schedule

California EVR Timeline

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