In-Station Diagnostics (ISD) Equipment Manufacturer Contact List

This page last reviewed May 20, 2009

In-Station Diagnostics Equipment Manufacturer Contact List


Product Description



Adsistor Technology, Inc. Hydrocarbon Vapor Sensors Pat Dolan (206) 368-9110
Dresser DMD Roots Manufacturer of Roots Positive Displacement Vapor Recovery Meters Ron Strong (281) 966-4459
EBW, Inc. In-station diagnostics systems Jim Biesecker (616) 755-1671
Fenner Fluid Power product description Gordon Ward (+44) 01708 343 851
Hirt Combustion Engineers, Inc. Complete in-station diagnostic systems for both balance and assist, including monitoring of stage I and II vapor recovery, tank pressures, fugitive emissions, processor operation, and the integrity of vapor carry components. Tom Smith (562) 692-1490
INCON Complete In-Station Diagnostic System that interfaces and monitors a wide array of sensors.  Diagnostic information can be obtained locally or remotely through System Sentinel Remote Fuel Management Software. Walter Butler (207) 283-0156
Raychem HTS TraceTek Leak Detection and Location Modules and Sensor Cables Robert Wasley (650) 361-2510
Setra Systems, Inc. Pressure Sensors Tony Larouco (800) 257-3872
ext. 3616
Tuthill Transfer Systems In-station diagnostic system provides complete interface, sensing and data reporting. PC Based Fuel Management/Communication software provides remote access to data collected and stored by the EECO ATG system. EECO ATG systems upgradeable to latest system. Peter J. Cochefski (919) 460-6000
ext. 2181
Veeder-Root Company Complete In-Station Diagnostics Systems Including Sensing, Interfaces and Reporting.  Simplicitysm Remote Monitoring of Enhanced Vapor Recovery Systems Veeder-Root Tank Gauging Equipment Upgrades to Monitor EVR Systems. Kent Reid (913) 219-6730