Executive Order G-70-164-AA

This page last reviewed April 18, 2016

Executive Order G-70-164-AA

Modification to Certification of the Hasstech VCP-3A Vacuum Assist Phase II Vapor Recovery System (PDF Format 1.14M)

The above document is also available below in it's 20 subparts:

Exhibit 1 & Exhibit 2 Legal, Equipment List & Specifications (PDF Format 118K)
Figure 1 Vapor Recovery Piping Schematic Piping (PDF Format 35K)
Figure 2 Pad Mounted Collection/Processing (PDF Format 68K)
Figure 3 Canopy Mounted Processor (PDF Format 41K)
Figure 4 Out of Tank Drain Check (PDF Format 80K)
Figure 5 Operation of Drain Check (PDF Format 61K)
Figure 6 Processing Unit (PDF Format 74K)
Figure 7 Collection Unit Detail (PDF Format 48K)
Figure 8 Control Panel (PDF Format 90K)
Figure 9 Tank Pressure Switch (PDF Format 59K)
Figure 10 Standard Dispenser Installation (PDF Format 57K)
Figure 11 Multi-Product Dispenser Installation (PDF Format 36K)
Figure 12 Tank Stick CorrectionGauge (PDF Format 92K)
Figure 13 OPW Model 11VAI Nozzle with Vapor Valve (PDF Format 31K)
Figure 14 OPW Model 11VAI Nozzle (PDF Format 36K)
Figure 15 Husky Model # V34 6200-8 (PDF Format 35K)
Figure 16 Husky Model # V3 6201xxx (PDF Format 30K)
Figure 17 Emco Wheaton A4500 Nozzle (PDF Format 51K)
Exhibit 3 Leak decay test (PDF Format 146K)
Exhibit 4 Ten Gallon Per Minute Requirement (PDF Format 7K)
Additional Information OPW Model 11VAI-37 Vapor Recovery Nozzle with the Hasstech VCP-3A System