Executive Order G-70-23-AC

This page updated December 11, 2001

Executive Order G-70-23-AC

Modification of the Certification of Exxon Balance Phase II Vapor Recovery System (PDF Format - 2,515K).

The above document is also available below in its 18 subparts:

Legal Language (PDF Format - 304K)
Exxon Balance System Equipment List (PDF Format - 73K)
Specifications for the Exxon Balance Phase II System (PDF Format - 582K)
Exxon Balanced Vapor Recovery System (PDF Format - 105K)
Exxon Balanced Vapor Recovery System (PDF Format - 126K)
Static Pressure Integrity Test Underground Storage Tanks (PDF Format - 953K)
"T" Connector Assembly (PDF Format - 73K)
Vapor Coupler Integrity Assembly (PDF Format - 78K)
Vapor Coupler Test Assembly (PDF Format - 71K)
Pressure Decay Leak Rate Criteria: Initial Pressure of 2 inches of H2O, Minimum Pressure After 5 Minutes, Inches of H2O (PDF Format - 77K)
Bay Area Air Quality Management District: Summary of Source Test Results (PDF Format - 102K)
Gasoline Dispensing Facility Dynamic Back Pressure (PDF Format - 530K)
Dynamic Back Pressure Test Assembly (PDF Format - 79K)
Dynamic Pressure Release Assembly (PDF Format - 77K)
Capped "T" Assembly (PDF Format - 88K)
Summary of Source Test Results (PDF Format - 68K)
Summary of Test Results: Dynamic Back Pressure, Inches of Water Column (PDF Format - 100K)
Ten Gallon Per Minute Limitation Compliance Verification Procedure (PDF Format - 79K)

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