Vapor Recovery Certification Phase II EVR Executive Orders

This page updated August 31, 2010

Executive Order VR-202-M

Healy Phase II Enhanced Vapor Recovery System
Modification Highlights

Executive Order VR-202-M
Full VR-202-M Download [ PDF - 10.84 MB ]

Legal Document
Equipment List
System Specifications
Manufacturing Performance Standards and Specifications
Determination of Static Pressure Performance of the Healy Clean Air Separator
Vapor to Liquid Volume Ratio
Healy Warranty
Nozzle Bag Test Procedure
Required Items in Conducting TP-201.3
Veeder-Root ISD Operability Test
FFS INCON ISD Operability Test
Liquid Condensate Trap Compliance Procedure

Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual (IOM)
Full IOM VR-202-M Download [PDF - 33.5 MB]

Table of Contents
Healy Systems Scheduled Maintenance
Healy 900 Series Nozzle
Installation Instructions for Clean Air Separator
Healy Model 75 Series Inverted Coaxial Hoses
Healy Model CX6 Series Hose Adaptors
Healy Model 8701VV Breakaway
Healy Model 807 Swivel Breakaway
Healy 1301 Flow Limiter
Healy 1302 Flow Limiter
Gilbarco Encore Dispenser
Gilbarco GasBoy Dispenser
Wayne Harmony Balance Dispenser
Wayne Harmony WayneVac Dispenser
Wayne Ovation Dispenser
Wayne Vista Balance Dispenser
Wayne Global Century, Reliance and Select Dispenser
Healy Universal Manual
Liquid Condensate Trap
Veeder-Root ISD Install, Setup, & Operation Manual
Veeder-Root ISD Vapor Flow Meter Installation Manual
Veeder-Root ISD Pressure Sensor Installation Guide
INCON Vapor Recovery Monitoring (VRM) Installation, Operation, & Maintenance Manual
INCON Vapor Flow Meter (VFM) Installation Guide
INCON Vapor Pressure Sensor (VPS) Installation Guide
INCON Data Transfer Unit Dispenser Retrofit Manual
INCON Console DTU (Data Transfer Unit) Installation Instructions

New EasyGrip Reconnection Clamp
July 14, 2011 Letter to GA Ninety to use the EasyGrip reconnection clamp to reconnect the Healy 8701VV Breakaway

Modified Healy 795 Reconnection Clamp
June 22, 2011 Letter to Franklin Fueling Systems to implement design change to the Healy 795 Reconnection Clamp

ARB Letter
Franklin Fueling Systems Request for Spout Modification, New Spout Epoxy and Epoxy Curing Procedure.

JUR Annunciator Remote Audio and Visual Alarm Component

Franklin Fueling Systems Request to Use New Vendor for Their Model 900 EVR Nozzle Casting

VP-1000 Design Improvements
September 18, 2007 Letter to Franklin Fueling Systems to implement VP-1000 design improvements.

Clean Air Separator Paint Colors
August 2, 2007 letter clarifying that the Healy Clean Air Separator may be painted any color.

Correspondence related to VR-202

April 29, 2005 letter to WSPA clarifying that the Healy Clean Air Separator is not an Aboveground Storage Tank under CA State Law.

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