Executive Order VR-207-A

This page last reviewed December 21, 2015

Executive Order VR-207-A Emco Wheaton Retail Phase II Enhanced Vapor Recovery System with HIRT VCS 100 Thermal Oxidizer Not-Including In-Station Diagnostics (ISD) Full VR-207-A Download [PDF - 1.5MB]

Legal Document
Equipment List
System Specifications
Performance Standards and Specifications
Required Items in Conducting TP-201.3
Liquid Removal Test Procedure
Required Items in Conducting TP-201.4
Nozzle Bag Test Procedure
HIRT VCS 100 Processor with Indicator Panel Operability Test Procedure

Installation, Operaton and Maintenance Manual (IOM)

Full IOM VR-207-A Download [PDF - 12.9MB]

About EMCO
Contractor Requirements
System Components
Overview EMCO Balance EVR System
Weekly Inspections
Annual Inspections
Alarm Troubleshooting Summary
Drive-Offs and Customer Abuse
Balance EVR Dripless Nozzle
Balance EVR Coaxial Hose Swivel
Balance EVR Coaxial Safe Break Valve
Balance EVR Component Repair Kits
Goodyear Balance EVR Coaxial Hose
Hirt VCS 100 Install & Start-up

December 3, 2015 Letter to EMCO Wheaton Retail to approve the EMCO Model A4110EVR Coaxial Hose Swivel as an optional component.  

October 14, 2009 Letter to Hirt Combustion Engineers to clarify placement of the Hirt Indicator Panel in Exhibit 2.