1999-03-04 EVR Workshop Presentation #5

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Enhanced Vapor Recovery Workshop
Opening Remarks

Presented by: Cindy Castonovo
Monitoring and Laboratory Division

Table of Contents

Enhanced Vapor Recovery


Overview of Vapor Recovery Board Meetings

June Board Meeting Revision of Existing Methods (1 of 2)

June Board Meeting Revision of Existing Methods (2 of 2)

Removal of TP-201.3 Appendices

March 4 Workshop Comments

Changes to TP-201.5 since March 4 Workshop

TP-201.5 Equipment Changes

To be Added to TP-201.5

To be Added to TP-201.5 (cont.)

PPT Slide

PPT Slide

Possible Additional Changes to TP-201.4

TP-201.6 Changes since March 4 Workshop

CP-201 - Certification Procedure Proposed Warranty Changes

Changes to Certification Application

June 1999 Board Meeting Schedule

Staff Contacts

Staff Contacts

Enhanced Vapor Recovery

EVR Topics

Emission Reductions Needed

Possible Emission Reductions

Phase I Emission Reductions

Phase II Emission Reductions

Spillage Emission Reductions

Tax Exempt Gasoline

Tax Exempt Gasoline

ORVR Credit

Certification of Stage II Systems

Develop Emission Factors for Six Emission Categories

Emission Categories

Transfer Emissions

Vent Emissions

Processor Emissions

Fugitive Emissions



New Certification Criteria?

In Station Diagnostics




Monitor UST Pressure

Monitor A/L

Monitor Fugitive Emissions

Monitor UST Vent Emissions


ORVR Status

December 1999 Board Meeting Schedule

Vapor Recovery