Vapor Recovery Equipment Defects

This page last reviewed June 12, 2008

The ARB evaluates and tests new or modified vapor recovery systems.  These systems recover the gasoline vapors generated while fueling vehicles in a service station.  During the certification process, vapor recovery systems are evaluated for defects that substantially impair the efficiency of the system.  Those defects identified as substantially impairing the efficiency of the system are included in the VRED list.  When a defect included in the VRED list is found at a gasoline dispensing facility, the air district is required to remove the affected component from service until repairs are completed or the component is replaced or adjusted as necessary.  For further information please see the California Health & Safety Code; Section 41960.2(c)&(d).

The ARB last amended the VRED list on June 22, 2005. Those amendments became effective on September 17, 2005.

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New Button  The ARB is in the process of updating and amending the VRED list. The VRED list with proposed amendments is now available for viewing.

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