Vapor Recovery Equipment Defects (VRED)

This page last reviewed May 23, 2017

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) evaluates and tests new or modified vapor recovery systems that collect gasoline vapors generated while fueling vehicles at a service station. State law (ref. California Health and Safety Code Section 41960.2(c)&(d)) requires CARB to indentify defects that substantially impair the efficiency of the system during the certification process.  Criteria for determining defects include, the defect did not exist when the system was certified, the excess emissions associated with the defect have the potential to degrade a fueling point or the system efficiency by at least five percent, and a field verification procedure exists to identify the defect. Those defects identified are included in the Vapor Recovery Equipment Defects List or VRED List.  When a defect included in the VRED List is found at a service station, the air district is required to remove the affected component or system from service until repairs are completed or the component is replaced or adjusted as necessary. 

 CARB last amended the VRED List in 2016. Those amendments became effective on January 1, 2017.

The verification procedures associated with the List and other relavent testing related information may be accessed through the following links:

The VRED List is updated once every three years and inspection personnel are advised to access the additional link to the Phase II Executive Orders and refer to Exhibit 2 for the latest VREDs associated with each certified vapor recovery system. The links to Test Methods and the Equivalent Test Procedures Summary Table are also helpful.

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