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This page last reviewed February 2, 2015

How to report online for 2015

Who Needs to Report for 2015?
The reporting period for 2015 compliance closes January 31, 2015. By reporting, owners can take advantage of flexibility options for heavier vehicles (with a GVWR greater than 26,000lbs.)  The following is a list of the compliance options and reporting deadline.

Small Fleet Option Closed as of January 31, 2014
PM Filter Phase-In Option Closed as of January 31, 2014
Agricultural Vehicle Open until January 31, 2015 and closed thereafter.
NOx exempt area operation January 31 of any year
Log truck phase-in January 31 of any year until 2015
Low-use January 31 of any year
Low-Mileage Work Truck Option January 31 of any year

Vehicle owners that already reported will need to update their vehicle and owner information as it changes.
  • If you bought or sold vehicles from your fleet, installed filters, or upgraded engines on any of your vehicles you must report that information within 30 days of the change.
  • If you reported for a mileage based extensions such as the low-mileage construction truck extension, the agricultural vehicle extension, or the low-use exemption, you must report your vehicle's January 1 odometer reading by January 31 each year. Also, if you sell a vehicle that was using the extension, then you must report the ending odometer reading.

A motorhome used solely for personal use is exempt for the clean-up requirements of the regulation and does not need to be reported.

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