State and Local Air Monitoring Network Plan

This page last reviewed on June 27, 2018

The State and Local Air Monitoring Network Plan provides a wealth of information about ambient air quality monitoring sites in California and the Tijuana and Mexicali areas of Mexico. The monitoring sites in the network include instruments that measure ambient levels of gaseous and particulate air pollutants, and in some cases, meteorological parameters. A separate report, i.e., the Annual Monitoring Network Report, lists additional information for some of the smaller air districts in California. Table 1 below includes the range of years for which fully reviewed air quality data are available for each pollutant at each site. Table 1 also indicates whether real-time data are available for a monitor. Table 2 includes more specific characteristics of the criteria pollutant monitors at each site. Table 2 also includes the range of years of meteorological data available and the latitude, longitude, and elevation of each site. Maps indicate the locations of monitoring sites within each air basin in California.

Description of Report Section MS Word Format Adobe Acrobat Excel Format
Download the entire copy of the Network Plan in Adobe Acrobat N/A 1.916M N/A
Table of Contents 51K 10K N/A
Introduction 47K 17K N/A
Monitoring Objectives and Spatial Scales 29K 8K N/A
Table 1: Air Quality Monitoring Data Availability N/A 129K 132K
Table 2: Criteria Pollutant and Meteorological Data Monitoring Information N/A 133K 165K
Air Basin/Site Location Maps (see below for individual maps) 3,400K 854K N/A
Appendix A: List of Speciated Compounds Monitored — Dichotomous, NMOC, & Toxics N/A 15K 32K
Appendix B: List of New Sites For 2009 N/A 5K 6K
Glossary N/A 8K 14K

In the above table, we provide files in Adobe Acrobat and MS Word formats that include all 18 maps of monitoring locations that are provided in the State and Local Air Monitoring Network Plan, plus a California map showing county and air basin boundaries. These same maps can be downloaded individually below in the same formats.

Figure No. Map Name MS Word Format Adobe Acrobat
1 California Counties and Air Basins 128K 43K
2 Great Basin Valleys Air Basin 109K 41K
3 Lake County Air Basin 91K 32K
4 Lake Tahoe Air Basin 104K 52K
5 Mojave Desert Air Basin 111K 44K
6 Mountain Counties Air Basin 130K 51K
7 North Central Coast Air Basin 110K 40K
8 North Coast Air Basin 107K 39K
9 Northeast Plateau Air Basin 102K 38K
10 Sacramento Valley Air Basin 142K 56K
10a Sacramento Valley Air Basin (Yolo, Sacramento, and Solano Counties) 130K 50K
11 Salton Sea Air Basin 100K 40K
12 San Diego Air Basin 112K 44K
13 San Francisco Bay Area Air Basin 166K 71K
14 San Joaquin Valley Air Basin 152K 62K
15 South Central Coast Air Basin 133K 55K
16 South Coast Air Basin 122K 50K
16a South Coast Air Basin (Los Angeles County) 134K 54K
17 Mexico - Mexicali and Tijuana Areas 86K 35K

For further information regarding the State and Local Air Monitoring Network Plan or to request a printed copy of the report, please contact Annie Flores at (916) 324-6749 or, or Emily Gorrie at (916) 322-6076 or

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