Rule Reviews Conducted Pursuant to Executive Order S-2-03

This page last reviewed April 21, 2010

The California Air Resources Board findings on rule reviews conducted pursuant to Executive Order S-2-03 are available below. We have identified all open rulemakings initiated on or before November 17, 2003 and all regulations adopted, amended or repealed since January 6, 1999. Both reports are available below and are designated as Part A and Part B, respectively.

File Description   PDF - File Size
Cover Letter Documents   131K
Part A - Review of ARB Regulations Initiated On of Before November 17, 2003   910K
Part B - Regulations Adopted, Amended or Repealed Since January 6, 1999   516K
Part B - Attachment 4 - Summary of Comments and Responses for the Retrospective Review of Administrative Regulations Adopted, Amended or Repealed Since January 6, 1999   550K
Comment Letters: Summarized in Part B - Attachment 4   6,449K
Part B - Attachment 5 - Report of Regulations Adopted, Amended, or Repealed Since January 6, 1999   1,495K
All of the Above in a single download.   9,769K

For further information, please contact Diane Johnston, General Counsel, Air Resources Board, (916) 323-9606; FAX (916) 322-4743; or via e-mail:

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