AB 2276 Air Cleaner Regulation

This page updated December 21, 2015

In accordance with California Assembly Bill 2276 (2006, Pavley), the Air Resources Board (ARB) developed and adopted a regulation in September 2007 to limit the ozone emitted from indoor air cleaning devices in order to protect public health. All air cleaning devices sold in California must meet the regulation requirements as of October 18, 2010, the full compliance date. The regulation was amended in 2009 to extend labeling requirement dates. The current regulation is available at:

New web pages have been developed for manufacturers and distributors with links to certification and notification requirement information. A web page also has been developed for consumers.



Formal Regulation Web Pages

For the final regulation and other information, including comments received and formal actions taken, please visit the following links:

Regulation Workshop Archive

ARB staff held public workshops to obtain input from interested stakeholders and members of the public during the development and amendment of the Air Cleaner Regulation. For materials related to these workshops, please visit the following links:

Board Hearing Archive

Board Hearing materials from the 2007 hearing are located at the following link:

Other Information

View additional information on air cleaners, including ARB's report Evaluation of Ozone Emissions from Portable Indoor Air Cleaners That Intentionally Emit Ozone" (May 2006).

How to Stay Updated

The ARB invites those interested in this regulation to join a listserv, the Air Cleaner Regulation Listserv, to receive email notification of all notices given and actions taken related to the development of this regulation. If you have questions that are not answered in the web updates or other information provided here, please email us (aircleaners@arb.ca.gov).